Base-line hyphen

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Hi all,

At the antiquarian book fare in Stockholm the past weekend, I came across this book in a shelf. The title page caught my attention because of a peculiar hyphen.

The compound "Mynt-Cabinettet" (Coin Cabinet) has the hyphen positioned on the baseline. Has anyone seen something like this before? Is it common? I assume the placement of the hyphen is due to the following C.

I apologise for the poor quality of the picture, taken with my five-year-old Nokia. I did not think to write down the text, because I was sure I would be able to read it in the picture. Anyway, I believe the book is a late 19th century publication, possibly early 20th.

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The publication date appears to be 1804, according to this source. Of course, that doesn't solve the mystery of the hyphen placement.

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