Lettering for Azovsintez logo

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dear friends typophiles,

i've been working on a logo for a local trade company.i'd like to give it a simple and strong look. please look on this sketch -- it is very close to my vision. this is a text part of the logo.thank you very much

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Andrij why the different height of the characters? Could you give more background on the firm. Being from Manhattan, USA it makes no sense to me.

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yes, Daniel, i am sorry

literally company name combined from two words:

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If your client is trying to create a single word, you should make it a single word. The lack of contrast in height makes it look unintentional. Try one of the following: (1) create higher ascention and just combine the words via word spacing, (2) lose the varied height completely, or (3) heighten the "A", but not the "C".

Can you offer any explanation of what the company does? What kind of trading company?


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thank you, Scott

i draw a variant with unified height of C
company profile is chemical trade

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Andrij much better balance to the letters but the A still bothers me. Its out of balance with the other characters. The high negitive space is my problem. Investigate making the balance more like the reverse N. One other nit pik you flattened the tops of the 3s and C but not the bottoms, looks awkward. In the A3 the bottom of the 3 is swooping upward noticeably.

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thank you, Daniel

please look on this step: i flate a little top of 3 and C, and skew A at 2%

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sorry, double post

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