How was your summer??

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How was your summer?? What did you do? I did this...

I'm the first ever to colour bacon! And in the process I created a bacon colour wheel! Cooks just like ordinary bacon, taste just like plain bacon too, rainbow bacon has arrived :).

After interviews in NYC, LA, with AOL (the best interview!), BBC, CBC, Toronto Star, etc., and turned down a whole bunch more, I'm just now beginning to recover and look back at the impact I had on bacon nation. Met some really great people, some loves the coloured bacon, some kinda sorta, and some not so much. All-in-all great responses, it's all good, every single last bit of it!

Oh ya, in the process I also created a little something called bacon-on-a-stick. Two strips of coloured bacon with a white chocolate filling wrapped in white chocolate, all on a popsicle stick!

Incredible stuff - what a ride.

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