Ligature for &c (etc)

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& (the ampersand) is a ligature for 'et', latin for 'and'. Although archaic you can use '&c' the same as 'etc' as a shortened 'Et cetera'. & (the ampersand) being a ligature for 'et', I am curious to whether there are any historical examples of ligatures being designed for 'etc'.

I created an example of what a ligature for 'etc' could look like:

Does anyone know of any actual historical examples?

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Interesting idea. I'll have to try it out!

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Richard Beatty included &c ligs in a number of his faces:
Deepdene, Elizabeth F., probably others.

I don't know if it was his idea; it seems pretty Goudy-ish to me.

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Could you link to an example? I can't seem to find what you are referring to.

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Check out the middle of the character set on Goudy Saks, or many other fonts of Beatty's at FontShop:

(Follow the link and select "Character set".)

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I finally got a chance to go through all of Beatty's fonts at FontShop. Great find! Thanks John!

To view larger,

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There was a rare special litature for "&c" formerly.

see "Carl Faulmann, Buch der Schrift", page 198

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