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This is a logo + 2 colors "outdoor street" poster(printed on white plastic) + tshirts for a "small" rock Festival to be held this month.

The "dirty rock" logo for the festival was done last year and has migrated to this years event joined with an 8. The red + black colors are also final ones (same as last years). This year I wanted to give a really rock/headbanging mood to the event, and traced a typical rock pose and added some amount of long hair to it. The tshirt has another element on the back featuring a vocalist but I guess I'll drop this illustration and keep the whole image to the main illustration. There is also the backstage/staff pass that has the poster element along with the Cercal Rock logo.

As for the poster, as I said it will be printed on white plastic and will be placed outdoor, so it's important to have a memorable poster with it's info (event + logo + date + bands) "readable" or on the best of it's purpose to get the drivers attention.

The white stripe on the bottom is for the sponsers & support logos.

I wish I had budget for Psy/ops Oxtail. Maybe next year :-)

Feel free to comment. Thanks.

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off to print. :-(

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Ah, wait! Stop the presses! A minor detail: I think you should try to work out the left side of the guy's guitar - it seems a little bit strange.

Other than that, congratulations it looks very nice and "rocky"!

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That happens all the time with photograph based vector silhouettes, some shapes just don't look right in the silhouette, even though they're just like in the picture...

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yes I agree. I use this method a lot and have to draw "imaginary lines" to get a more easy shape that the eyes can understand. Obrigado :-)

Here's the final poster.

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One word. Excellent!

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Awesome closure.

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