Label font suggestion/advice required

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Hi all,

Would be grateful if anyone could suggest a font to use for a product label that has to adhere to a BSI standard. I need something quite tall yet narrow/condensed. I am currently using Gill sans MT Condensed but would be grateful if someone had a better option.

many thanks,


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Not far from Gill, but wittier and more subtle, there is “Tschichold” by Thierry Puyfoulhoux (a revival of an original tschichold drawing in 1936):
and not very expensive, btw, with a condensed variant

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Hi Frank,

thanks very much for the feedback, much appreciated.

Found another thread in the forum where the topic was food labelling and the general consensus seemed to be the use of Helvetica (prob condensed version).

"The FDA in no uncertain terms recommends and strongly encourages Helvetica (or Franklin Gothic), and uses them in their examples."


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