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Hello, I have to redesign a restaurant's logo for an assignment, and I would love to get some feedback.

The restaurant I chose offers fine dining as well as a more casual cafe in the front (although you can dress pretty casually in either part of the restuarant). It serves contemporary French cuisine, and the decor is very art nouveau, saying that the main restaurant is set in a turn-of-the-century, restored ballroom. Since the space is so "grand" and the gorgeous chandeliers inside left a lasting impression with me, I wanted to incoroprate the grandness of the space, its art nouveau roots and of course the chandeliers.

I've done many versions, but this is the direction my teacher liked best. I'm not exactly crazy about it (I think it may be a little too bulky and unversitle), but the other solutions I had didn't seem "grand" enough.

Please let me know what you think! Some good, constructive feedback would be wonderful!

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Sara, just fyi, when you post a message here you will get an error message. Just go back one page and go to topics and you will see your name posted as the last post. It works.

I kind of like the first one. Especially if they made it a backlit sign

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Do you have photos of the chandelier? The illustration seems a little off, particularly the perspective of the bottom part.

Also the size of the chandelier is overwhelming your logo. I know you want to express the grandness of the space, but I do not get an impression of the space nor the size of the chandelier. Maybe if you juxaposed it with another object in the room (without adding too much clutter) you could get a better relational idea of the space. Or even cropping the illustration asymetrically might give some interesting white space.

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Haha, thanks Daniel.

Here is a photo of the restaurant along with some of the other directions I had worked on.

Michael, I eliminated some of the shapes at the botom of the illustration -- does that solve the perspective problem? I also included what I'm planning to do for the front of my business card. Is this what you're talking about as far as cropping the illustration?


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Also: Change the Proportions. Type ist too small for the mark. If the mark shall be the ligthing in the Caf

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I like the direction you are taking with the bizcard. It might make sense to take that direction with the logo itself, meaning use the logotype as "the logo" and use the chandelier liberally as a supporting graphic element.

Have you tried reversing the positive/negative treatment? In other words, have you tried making the chandelier a lighter color and the negative space the darker color? I ask because my first impression of the graphic was that it was an upside down 3-layered chocolate cake (which made me hungry). When I saw the photos in your last post, I thought that the graphic might resemble the chandelier better if it were reversed

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I somehow find the borders in the squares distracting. they take away the emphasis from both the type and mark. I'm not crazy about the green either. from the picture you posted, the rich, warm, colors are wonderfool, and the green seems to cool it off, how about trying a warmer shade?

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Thanks everyone for your suggestions!


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I saw that cake too at first. But after inverting the colors and making the chandelier lighter than the background it no longer looks that edible. :-)
Still do you think people will recognize the logo as a chandelier from the caf

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all looks good, but i also liked 3# the most. it really got the bestest color :-)
i think that the letterspacing works better there then in 1#-2#, but maybe you can really try and find something else? anyway it's better then the rest.
i also liked 6#, but it miss the whole "grand" feeling that i think works.

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Another vote for #3, though you can maybe try making the chandelier a bit smaller? i think the type needs some more breathing room. The colors are great, give the same sense of atmosphere as the photo. Also agree that the type layout from #2 seems more balanced.

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Ok, here's one more try... is there anything here that's working? I've been starring at these so long that I can't tell anymore ;)
Thanks in advance...

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And yet some more...

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I don't think you can easily see that this is a chandelier.

I like your number nine best (some posts ago). Perhaps you could give these "cakes" some connection. If they are separated they are hard to spot as a chandelier. (In my first post I thought about three differnt ligths in the caf

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Something that might help to more easily identify the chandelier is adding the support rod on top. If you do try that, you might also try moving Grand Cafe above the chandelier. These two changes would create a sense of hanging, which should help to make the chandelier more obvious.


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I like the abstracted chandelier shapes, but right now they are also evoking other imagery: cakes, orange sections, wheels, etc.
The image is so abstract, people might not see it. It's an interesting shape, but I doubt anyone but us would make recognize it as a chandelier.

I also like #3 as a card, but not as a logo. I made a quick rough for the card and added a smaller chandelier for perspective; tring to give a sense of space. I also adjusted the bottom parts of the chandelier that I mentioned was "kind of off" in my previous post.

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