Your latest designs? v.2

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Version 1: Your latest designs?

Typophiles, would you care to post your latest typefaces (and perhaps some soon to arrive)? I'm looking to expand my toolbox in no particular direction.

Here’s what I’m working on:

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Partial set of symbols from an unnamed font under development:

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I like those Igor, could you keep me (and us) posted on its development? Nice stuff!

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Sorry Frode… ;)


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Great thread. There's some exciting stuff here.

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@Jos: I used Calluna in both text sizes and display sizes, otherwise I would not have commented. And for the spacing, if they are meant as text sizes, the space is too tight, especially if you go below 10pt.
If you like tight spacing, it’s because you consider ideal printing conditions. Since I don’t like to think about printing systems, but reason in terms of sizes, I tend to look at the less favorable conditions, both on paper and on screen. If it is a text-intensive aimed face, of course.

And about iKern I was commenting on the concept in itself, of course I don’t know how you use it in your design process. What I meant is simply that I would never use an automatic spacing feature, to any degree, that’s all.

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as you probably know by now Frode, still excitedly awaiting Noir's completion...

what a lovely gothic Jos! for some reason I think of eating salad when i see it.

never posted work here but here goes,
this is probably my 3rd type design attempt:

heavily inspire by typefaces such as Empire and Corvinus (Versailles) and hence Giorgio too

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I've been taking far too long of a break from font designing. I really need to finish what I started long ago, but if something new occurs to me, you all will be the first to know.

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very much work in progress.

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@neverblink - I think "v" in "victorian" is falling to the right side a little. Just my impression.

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Hi, this is my latest type project done for my friend.
What do you guys think about it?


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Hello Claudio! As a late reaction to this and this earlier post ...

I think that taking a stance "pro" or "con" auto-spacing (or auto-anything for that matter) leads nowhere. What is more interesting is discussing spacing theories since it is them that determine results -- regardless of whether these theories are applied manually or automatically. In contrast to manual spacing which usually is "just doing it", automatic spacing is not possible without first having formulated a theory: a program is nothing but the representation of a theory, and is theory in action when run. As such it can be checked, refined, and even be replaced by another one.
When discussing spacing results with Igino, the type designer needs to look at spacing not as a collection of pairs but as a system: It is not about adjusting this or that specific pair. Instead, making an adjusting here and there means changing one or more global parameters at Igino's end and thus making an adjustment there & there & there too. For Igino this means that he has to decide whether changing parameters (implicit in and anticipated by his theory) will do or whether he needs to rethink (part of) his program (and thus theory).
If it were a simple hand-over / push-button / get-result I too would consider auto-spacing as a quick-and-cheap way to get things done. It isn't. Automatic spacing a la iKern means playing with a theory and thus being aware of what one is doing -- an awareness which the "gut feeling" driven designer does not have.

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