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I'm going to be sunning myself for a week in Malta this month, and looking to get in some decent exploration.
Does anyone know of any typographic goodness I should/could check out?

Thanks y'all!

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Some stores in older parts of Valletta and Sliema have very nice crafted signage. Made of nice wooden frames and glass painted with hand lettering at the back. sometimes angel guild is imitated by putting wrinkled aluminum foil behind it. More and more these signs are replaced by ugly modern ones, but I am sure you can find some and/or posters with pictures of these old shops. I think it is based on English (and maybe Italian) tradition, sice Malta used to be a British colony.
Second best thing is diving.
Third best thing is the balcony of the restaurant of "Hotel British" 40 Battery Street - 267 St. Ursula Street, Valletta with a wonderful panorama view over the harbour.

Sorry for my bad English, I'm Dutch. Have a very good vacation!

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Maltese is an unusual-looking language, as far as those that use the Latin script go.
It has the idiosyncratic "he" (h-bar), and lots of hyphenated words, doubled consonants, u-less q's, and dot-accent characters.
Lots of high-scoring Scrabble words.
I would be interested to see what the indigenous script form of it looks like, from hand-lettered signage.

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There seem to exist two glyphic versions of the capital barred H. One with two equal horizontal strokes in the middle, one with a normal H crossed through by a bar in its upper half. – Can you explore this a little bit? I’d love to see some real-world snapshots which show the true local feeling for this.

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Splendid, thanks for the tips/missions guys.
I'm not the best photographer, but I'll snap anything pretty and put it up here.

I have a feeling I may have to hunt for some natives abandoned shopping list to find that H!

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While you're there, be sure to check out the buses - each is unique and beautiful!

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The buses were pretty cool, I didn't think to check those properly. There's a bus station in Valletta where they all idle - that would be a good place to catch them I reckon.
I saw a few nice things, if your into manuscripts and such, the museum in Mdina (not the Natural History one, the Cathedral one) has a collection of letters and documents from the Knights. Your not meant to take photos, but i got a few off discreetly. Hopefull that won't vex anyone too much.

The rest are here

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