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I have just joined Typophile and have taken the tag of this forum to heart: "anything goes". I also add that I'm definitely not a "fly by nighter" as I was friends with Mac McGrew and actually provided one of the specimens for his American Typefaces book.

I am a graphic designer (specializing in typography--many years), a fine art photographer, and web designer. I wish now to take my love of letters to the next level and experiment with type design. After much browsing and reading I have found the DTL Bezier Master. Given that I am so green (very bright green in fact) I want to know if this is a valid place to start. My plan is to create a simple face to begin to learn the skill of type design. Is this program the place to start.

I need also add that I am poor, on social security, and teaching a beginning graphic design course at the local college here. I also looked at the TypeTool 3 which is considerably cheaper and has an academic discount program as well. But, my heart leans to the DTL tool.

I also want to join atypi -- but being late in the year, I would prefer to wait until the new membership year begins in January. Does anyone know if that membership includes any discounts with DTL?

I would welcome advice on my venture from anyone willing to help. And I thank you for taking the time to read this now.


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I’ve never used any DTL applications, but the makers are well-respected and experienced type & software developers. I’m sure it would be a worthy program, but I don’t know how suited it might be to a beginner.

FontLab Studio is, by far, the more commonly used tool by the professionals that I know and work with. TypeTool is a pared down version of FontLab Studio and provides a good upgrade path in terms of skill sets (and license also, iirc).

Regarding ATypI member benefits, see this link:

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Kent --
Thank you very much for your reply. I think I will put my toes in the water with TypeTool 3 jut for a place to start.

The reason I became interested in DTL is because the interface seemed, at first glance, to be rather intuitive in many instances.

And thanks for the atypi link. They offer a lot, but apparently have no association with any makers of font creation software. Perhaps that will come.

And, I'm very glad to "meet" you -- and to know that you are the designer of Whitman. I ran across that face a couple of years ago and thought it a strong and readable face. I was particularly interested in the calligraphic touches.

Again, thanks.

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Just catching up with news here, but noted your post because we both live in Vermont. I have used Fontographer for many years and the new update is great. I recommend it for many reasons. Also TypeTool 3 is very good and a great introductory program. FontLab Studio is the best of all. Each program has something to recommend it but I personally would start with Fontographer. Best of luck to you.

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