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Part of making my first text font was trying to make all the mistakes possible, so I could learn about what goes into making a complete typeface. One mistake was to get ahead of myself in creating glyphs, and I find myself making that mistake again- but I can't help adding alternates. I would like to iron out kinks in the glyphs before moving on- so any help- pointers etc. will be greatly appreciated.

The PDF is the vector version of the jpeg.

TextTwoTest579.pdf157.58 KB
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A nice face! The quirks are generally quite appealing IMO.
The upper/lower terminals on /C/ and /c/ are opposite from what I'd expect, which is weird to my eye.
The curve of /t/ is a great idea, but perhaps could be done in a more subtle way so as not to jump out so much.
Middle vertex of /W/ seems unresolved.
/Y/ could use some rebalancing.
Top of /a/ (the two-story one) looks a bit wimpy.
/x/ may be too narrow. Perhaps /X/ too.
This has a nice character to it, and it's well suited to going off with alternates as you've begun to do.

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Thanks for your critique. You've given me a place to start work again. The /t/ was the first letter I drew. It is already much more subtle than the first few drafts, but I guess I knew in my heart that eventually it would have to be sacrificed.

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Interesting start.

Something that bothers my eyes, but it doesn't mean I'm right :)

/Y/ - looks like it's slanted to the left side.
/K/ - Leg seems to close to the stem. Maybe try to rotate it so it has more angle between stem and leg. Same goes for /R/.
/k/ - Maybe it's too wide?
/O/ - Is maybe falling on the left side?
/Q/ - same.

Maybe I'm more geometrical guy, but maybe you can try to make a couple of alternatives, another versions of some glyphs?

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This is really beautiful work! I like it very much.

I agree with tourdeforce on /Y/ looking slanted and I second that for /3/.

Stick to this. I would love to see it finished.

(Also I am making the same mistake with generating too much glyphs to early in the progress and having to change lots of them about 5-10 times. I discovered that I can minimize this by starting early with different weights. So I see pretty early in the progress how some troublesome glyphs have to look like. Maybe this will help you too.)

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Great comments. Almost all the letters you single out are the ones I've had trouble with.

Not sure you can see much difference, but I have done a lot of little tweaking. /c/C/ is the biggest difference, and maybe the /O/Q/

I'll add another update soon with a new PDF.

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I really like this face and really like the way you have presented your examples. (Can you tell I was typographically raised on the type specimen books of the '20s and '30s and The Fleuron!)

I'm especially enamored of the ranging figures. Not many faces have them (I mean in proportion to those faces with non-ranging figures!) The old-face slant on the /e/ is also a particular love of mine.

I prefer the wonky /t/ "subtle-ized". I just want the upper termination in /C/ to match the one on the /G/.

Look forward to your next display as pure eye-candy!


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I went with the more chisled 'C' and changed the 'G' to match. I've been wanting to keep a hand-wrought feel to the glyphs, but not too rough. Thanks for the criticism I've already recieved. Noted and acted on. More is welcome. So easy to become used to the faults and not see them anymore. Also easy to look back and have trouble seeing what difference the hours of work have made.

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First, I can't believe I haven't updated since October. But I supose I've saved you a lot of very minor revisions. I'm constantly amazed by how little my changes are visible- but yesterday I made minor but extensive updates that I feel really improved the overall colour. I still see problems everywhere- but I would be grateful for any critisism. Remembering that I am aiming at a hand-wrought but formal display face.

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Looking really great!
Y still stands out as the letter that needs the most rethinking.
Can you get more white into the bottom open counter of K?
Is Z too wide?

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About Z, I think it could use a tad shorter upper bar.

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