Suggestions of Holiday Theme typefaces

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I work for an eMarketing agency that makes websites for Rare Disease Therapies. I have an assignment to design a "holiday book", which will be a small (around 5x7) hard red cover book consisting of ~80 pages. It will contain stories from 12 mothers of rare disease patients and the theme of the book is to show what good can come out of these disorders. The artwork will resemble Wallstreet Journals "hedcut" style. It's supposed to have a holiday theme, and the art director is calling for an old style look with a modern twist to signify that it's coming from an internet based company. The interior pages will be black and white.

I was wondering if any typeface ideas come to you fine people from this description? I am having a hard time picturing what this book will look like. So, I hope you don't mind that I came here looking for some inspiration.


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which holiday(s)?

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It's going out at christmas time. It's not supposed to be like BOOM CHRISTMAS! but, a holiday theme to it. So christmas/new years.

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