Retro Movie Font

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I'd like to find at least a lookalike of this font.

Thanks :)

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The second image suggests that you have already located the font; are you asking for a less expensive--or free-look-alike?

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Well, the pics are from a font in beta version, it's only for one title so a free look alike would just do it.

aluminum's picture 'gaspipe' a name of a typeface or a type term I'm unfamiliar with?

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Gaspipe lettering was popular for signage in the 1930's. It's called gaspipe because the letterforms are constructed like pipes – long, vertical strokes connected to shorter horizontal strokes with rounded connectors.

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As workwork noted, Gaspipe simply denotes a style used by signpainters during the brush-and-paint heyday...

From Modern Sign Painting by Edward J. Duvall, 1949.

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Ok, let's find some gaspipe, thanks :)

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Try Signum

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I found that
It's not look-alike but thanks though.

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