Decorative Initials from Fundicion Gans

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Hi, wise people

I am finding hardly to get these (attached) decorative initials (in COMPLETE ALPHABET paper sample type specimens or in authentical letterpress printing type). I appreciate any light in this problem

best regards

GansIniciales.jpg275.36 KB
GansIniciales2.jpg359.54 KB
GansIniciales3.jpg375.51 KB
GansIniciales4.jpg353.17 KB
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This font has a least some of the initials you're looking for...

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Thanks, Tom. But "Nice Initials" is mine! (smiles). I am searching for the entire alphabets to complete the font, and to increase the digitization...

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What are the odds? Great work btw!

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Thanks, Tom. The other gliphs are a miscelanea from varied sources which I am collecting over the years. But I am working now to complete and upgarde many of my fonts...

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