Cyrillic glyph kerning

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I'm seeking some advice on kerning of Cyrillic glyph afii10093, picture attached. My question is: Since it's made up of two separate 'mini-glyphs', should it be kerned as two glyphs or one? That is, should the spaces either side equal the space in between the two sections, or be larger (so that the glyph appears more as a unfied whole)?

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The latter. The spacing on either side of ы should be the same as the normative space on other letters with straight sides: и м н п ш

The distance between the two parts of ы needs to be balanced carefully against the stem weight and the basic spacing between upright characters. I usually start by making the distance the same as the weight of the stem of the right part, and then increasing it gradually until it looks right in context.

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Ы represents a single vowel (and sounds like y in "myth"). Have it in mind during adjusting the inner distance. Check samples like выгравированы, where you have two ы.

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Hey thanks John and Marcin, that's very helpful :-)

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