DC Federal Building Wayfinding Type

Looking for an ID of the type used in room signs of a DC federal building designed around 1940. Identification will be used for an historical renovation project.

Identifont suggests Futura but the E doesn't seem to match quite right.

Many thanks---cheers!

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This is architectural lettering of the kind that is often not based on printer's type, and rarely digitized. Other examples here.

Kabel is your best match.

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hope I dont get flamed for posting a freebie, probably typographically horrible font, but the E's and M's look pretty good

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You also might look at Neutra .

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@Gethin: It's a perfectly legitimate suggestion. Freebies are fonts too!

@Jacob: Market Deco (http://www.dafont.com/market-deco.font) is a sort-of companion to Mouse Deco, also by Steve Ferrera. You might also like Mostra and the slightly-more-expensive but much more decked out Mostra Nuova (http://new.myfonts.com/search/mostra/fonts/), by Typophile resident Mark Simonson.


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Thanks for all the information guys---and quickly too!! Can't beat an answer overnight. I'll pass this information along to the architect.

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Which building in DC?

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Lafayette building – near McPherson Square

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I live in Falls Church, VA, I will check it out. Let me know when they are finished the job?

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