Adobe AIR rasterization environment?

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Now that Flash gets another jolt , what sort of antialising/rasterizer are we dealing with when font is used on Adobe AIR?

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The rasterization of non-HTML content is handled by the Portable Font Rasterizer (PFR) which will give you subpixel rendering. The results are comparable to CoolType which is what you get when viewing a PDF in Acrobat/Adobe Reader. The PFR has been optimized for mobile and has some rasterization enhancements which CoolType currently lacks.
HTML content is rendered via WebKit and will match the platform the AIR app is running on, I believe.

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Fantastic, thanks!

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The TLA is unfortunate. PFR still means Portable Font Resource to those of us who survived the web font wars (episode 1). :-)

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the web font wars (episode 1).

Coming soon in 3D!

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Does Portable Font Rasterizer interpret TT hints? (I assume there are not just PS fonts in Adobe land?)

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