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Any thoughts/suggestions with this logo here for an established floatation tank relaxation company?

The work was through a friend of mine, he's the web designer and wanted something 'floaty, but business-like' or thereabouts. I did originally try a 'fl' ligature but it didn't really work – it forced the curve of the top of the 'f' to be too wide.

Any thoughts would be most welcome.



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I think it works really well and looks friendly (I hope that's what you're going for…). I do have a slight issue with the w (but can't put my finger on it) and the lower-right leg of the k looks a bit longer than the left one. Other than that, I love it.

Is this based on an existing typeface? If not, you have the basis for a new display type; great work!

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One, what is a floatation tanks relaxation who-za-whats-it,

Two, I agree with TypoJunk, initially I saw cartoonish (only for like a 10th of a second), but when I read it, it settled down to be really appeasing, and professional.

very good. I would only say that may the bottoms of the 'r' left leg of the 'k' be treated like you would an 'o' and have them descend a little lower below the baseline. other that that, looks awesome!

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Thanks peeps,

A floatation tank wotsit, is a space age looking bath with a lid with luke warm salty water that you can float in. Its dark in there and they play bad whale music at the beginning and end. You're supposed to relax and forget all your worries in a sensory deprivation kinda way. Homer and Lisa try them in the Simpsons one episode.

yeah, the longer leg of the k was intentional – it seemed to sit better. I'm not sure the bottom of the r and k strokes need to go down as far as the o & w, but you're right they could do with being a little lower.

Thanks for your thoughts.


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I like it. Maybe the top of F could be just a little bit shorter in order to widen the space between it and l (so to avoid any possible misread of Fl as A).

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hmm good point, the that was another reason I abandoned the ligature idea as it was a a bit Cap A looking.


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adjusted version.

I'm not entirely happy with the spacing still, but I'm happier with the lettershapes.

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Nice. (Although you might want to switch the nice blue for black until you've got the shapes down.) The tension between calmness and interestingness in this seems quite fitting. If that makes any sense :-)

Yes, the "f" looks too big if it's supposed to be lowercase, or too round and too big if it's a cap. To me it looks like it wants to be a shower or something. I'd just make it, dunno, normal size. If you make the top-right less droopy (i.e. cut it earlier, before it curves down so much) it could maybe be quite a bit narrower too. (Although that may well have repercussions on the "r"…)

I'm not sure the concept of the terminals is entirely cogent yet, but it's going in a nice direction. To my eye there are some funny things with directions going on – the "t"'s arm (and very small foot) is pulling it quite strongly to the right, as are the "w"'s x-line terminals, whereas other glyphs are more static. I'd think static would make more sense in this context than pulling forward too much…? So I might pull the "t" and "w" back if I was you.
Also: The "a" seems to look narrower than the "o" (which it probably isn't, but looks like).

"You're supposed to relax and forget all your worries in a sensory deprivation kinda way"
Have you been in one? They rock.

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Thanks Nina,

Very helpful comments. I get what you're saying about the right-aimingness of the t & w, though I'm not entirely sure how to remove it in the w so much.

Will have a bash at the f as well, I see what you mean.

Will probably post something in a week as I'm off on holiday without a lappy.

Thanks again for your thoughts.


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