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Hello all,

So I was asked to make a logo for a local dive and surf shop. He wanted a dolphin jumping over the Earth.

So I came up with something I thought looked clean and refreshed from their old logo, which literally was 3 pieces of clip art put together.

You all have great insight and good comments, and this isn't something I would normally show here, but I just would like a critique or some insight as to make this the best with what I was given.


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Also it's primary use will be screens for shirts, stickers, and window signage.

Thanks again.

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Wow. Tough brief.

I think you did wonders considering what you were given. My only comment is that the detail on Earth is very different from that on the dolphin. I'd 'roughen' the land mass a little bit. Make it more abstract. In my opinion, all elements of a logo need to look like they were drawn with the same pen.

Is the red proposal mandatory? I'd keep it blue.

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Thanks TypoJunkie,

I understand what you are saying about the 'same pen' making the logo.

The red they want to put on a certain dive sticker. But the primary shop logo will be blue.

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I'd also change the detail in the Earth. Pay special attention to where the oceans and landmasses are. It looks like your dolphin has a wizard's beard.

- Lex

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But I liked it. The earth looks good as for me. And the whole logo does too. But, of course, only blue color and noooo read for any solutions

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That looks cool I think, quite fresh and original!

A few quick things:
1) Given that that dolphin has no eye, if the earth is also red he looks quite dead to me. :-\
2) Have you tried h-flipping the dolphin so that he moves/jumps left-to-right? (Possible stronger forward movement)
3) Regarding the brief: To my reading this dolphin is not necessarily «jumping over» the globe, he's sort of lying/swimming on top of it. Dunno if that's a problem though.
I also agree with what was said about the detail level in the globe.

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Ehh I'm not so sure about original. My first thought is the Firefox logo (as that is my browser).


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I think you will, as with firefox, always suffer from the problem of one part looking as if it crushing the other after it has dropped from a great height.

Having said i does look ok. I would second the idea of correlating the dolphin marks with the earth details.

Also is a red version essential? I get a hellish fire and brimstone feel from it!

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I understand why you need a red version of the logo since it is mimicking the standard dive flag. So yes it is essential. Most divers are familiar with this color combination. I think you need more detail in the dolphin such as an eye.

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Thanks all, I appreciate the feedback. I am currently working on correcting the Earth, to redefine the strokes.

TheQMovement is right, the red is essential, but only in minimal applications. Plus the shop owner loves it, i did have my qualms about even showing him, but I went with what the client would want, not me.

Never noticed the similarity to the firefox, but I think it is different enough, plus the owner also asked me to knock-off some Pepsi something or other, I said we'll see.

I know the beard image is in there.. but i love that.. It takes a minute of staring, but i think its funny.

So im going to push more on the globe, updates soon.

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flipping the dolphin, the beard is gone, but now he has either a florida wiener, or a mexico wiener.. lol. no go.

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Beard? I didn't say beard. Lex did. But hey, now I can't not see it! :-)

How about abstract geography? Like in the Firefox logo.
Or do you need to communicate the actual geographical location?

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oh dang, my bad..

he wants the locations to be there because he organizes travel to a lot of the locations i left visible, Jamaica, Galapagos, FL Keys, etc.

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