"Shooters Saloon" A fancy font

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Does anyone know this font? I though to search this font on Dafont but could not get under which catagory i should look for? Please suggest this also.

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Have a look under Western on Dafont, or Tuscan on Myfonts.

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I tried with Western but could not get it der :(

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SHOOTERS is most likely hand-drawn, and SALOON may be, as well. RENO, NEVADA is a typeface called Bracelet; however, I got no direct Google hits on it, and myfonts.com appears to be offline--or overloaded--at the moment.

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I have submitted this image on myfonts.com also but not got any single reply from der.


also i didnt get any link for "Bracelet" tyface you said. I tried with google but there is also nothing :(

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@ riccard0

Simply great. You making me smile :). How do you got it? You knew this already??

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I just searched "Bracelet" on MyFonts, as Nick would have.

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For top rext I used similar font & did this but my client asknig me for same font :(

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