Embedding fonts in iPhone Applications

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Does anyone have experience with embedding fonts for use within an iPhone application. I am looking for technical resources as well as any advice in regards to licensing.

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Licensing depends on foundry and on the technical technical solution you implement. Some foundries have flat rates, some will consider a bunch of x-factors and assign a relative value to the usage. Pricing can vary widely, your best bet is to get in touch with the foundry (or multiple if you haven't decided anything yet) and discuss it with them, it seems like almost everyone is somewhat figuring these new technology scenarios out for themselves.

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Recently we licensed Nitti Light for use in iA Writer for iPad. After many hours of number crunching, consideration and seas of black coffee we decided to go for a license scheme based on sales revenue that becomes relatively cheaper the higher the revenue. This ensures that the licensee is charged according to what they actually earn, and not according to sales volume alone for instance. And charging a flat fee is usually not economically viable for apps that might cost only $1.00.

Drop us a line if you want to know more.


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Referring to the technical stuff: iPhone apps can have their own fonts inside their application bundle. Their file names have to be added to a configuration file (the bundle's info.plist file) and are then usable from inside the application:

»UIAppFonts (Array - iOS) specifies any application-provided fonts that should be made available through the normal mechanisms. Each item in the array is a string containing the name of a font file (including filename extension) that is located in the application’s bundle. The system loads the specified fonts and makes them available for use by the application when that application is run.«


AFAIK the fonts can be any format that is recognized by the OS, such as TTF or OTF.

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Thank you all for your responses, this has helped me out a lot.


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