Hyphen bold, italic &c.?

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I'd like to ask if there is any standard on what the hyphen should be like when hyphenating a word in bold, italics &c.? Should it be bold/… too? (I assume it's a single word in bold/… within an entire paragraph in a regular face.)

If there is no standard, what would you say the common practice is?

Thanks in advance :)

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Well, as for standards go, automatic hyphenation will use the glyph from the weight/style in which the word is set.

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Right, I guess I haven't worded myself clearly enough, sorry.

I'll put it another way: do you think that it's OK that automatic hyphenation (in TeX) uses the same weight/style for hyphen as the hyphenated word is, even if the entire paragraph is set in a different weight/style?

If you think it should rather use the weight/style of the paragraph, do you perhaps have any idea how to change it?

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Yes I think that's perfectly OK. I would rather consider it an oddity if the hyphen in a bold or italic word were in roman style.


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Actually, I realized the issue even exists when I saw three hyphenated lines in a row and the middle hyphen was very visibly thicker than the surrounding ones.
I guess it was an issue with the particular font, then, not with the mechanism?

Thank you for the answers!

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Mostly it was an issue with the hyphenation: good practice is to avoid repeated hyphenated lines.

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