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I am part of a small studio called People Collective and we are starting a new project/experiment in the creation and distribution of type. We have written a blog post that details our plans here but in short, hope to fund the creation of a typeface through KickStarter. We'd really like to hear your thoughts on both the creation/distribution concept and the specific design options we post to the blog over the coming weeks, thanks!

-Colin & Aaron

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Seems interesting ; at vtf (www.vtf.fadebiaye.com), we share that policy to be paid before doing the development job ; I hope there is a place on the market for that kind of trade :-)

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Start by telling us what kind of typeface you plan to commission, why you want to have that typeface designed, and who you want to design the typeface.

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Colin and Aaron,
You don't have a page on kickstarter yet, correct? Because if you do, it is far from obvious how to find it.

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Colin could have been more clear in his post.
Reading the blog post he linked to, it seems evident that they're still in a very early stage. (i.e. they first will propose ideas for a typeface and then they will try to finance the production of the one chosen by the readers).

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Thank you all for your comments, I think that Aaron & I fell victim to that scenario where you talk about something for so long that when you go to share it you forget that not everyone has been around the whole time. Thank you especially riccardo0, you've pretty much hit the nail on the head. To clarify what might have been missed in my initial post, or the blog entry we made I'll lay it out as quickly & clearly as I can.

•We are looking at creating a display typeface.
•We are looking at funding the creation of this typeface through KickStarter donations.
•We (People Collective) will be handling the creation of the typeface.
•We will, over the next few weeks, post 3 type sketches/directions to our blog.
•We will create the typeface which garners the most interest/discussion.
•We chose to fund the creation through KickStarter so that we can distribute the typeface for free.

We haven't put a KickStarter page up yet, that will appear once a typeface has been chosen to create.

I'm hoping this clarifies things a bit, again, thank you for contributing and stay tuned!

-Aaron & Colin

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We chose to fund the creation through KickStarter so that we can distribute the typeface for free.

Will people only contribute to your project if they will get the font for free?
That seems to run against the intent of KickStarter.
It will give the investors a R.O.I. and free fonts for non-investors, while reducing creators' remuneration -- all of which run counter to the intent of KickStarter, which states that:

"Creators keep 100% ownership. Kickstarter is a new form of commerce and patronage, not a place for investment or lending."

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I could see Kickstarter working for an established type designer, if say Nick, Zapf, Chank or Carter were to set something up. The resulting font could even be given away, with donators perhaps getting a special edition version or signed specimen or something. But for newbies the traditional routes of myfonts or dafont seem more appropriate.

It could work for a type design newbie if they have followers in other areas - perhaps a musician or minor celebrity (Balloon Boy or Jerrod from Subway) might attract enough curiosity to attract a couple of $K.

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Thanks for mentioning me in the same breath as Chank, Si :-)

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Thanks for your commets guys. Nick, the route we are looking at is more along the lines of Diaspora and This American Life, those who can contribute do so that the rest of the population can enjoy the product. When Kickstarter say "Creators keep 100% ownership" they are referring to Kickstarter themselves not owning any part of the funded project. If we fund the development of a typeface through Kickstarter, then that typeface is ours to do as we wish, which would be to make it freely available.

As we mentioned on our blog post, there will be other benefits and rewards for contributors, as there is with other Kickstarter projects.

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Colin and Aaron, this sounds like a cool project, and I'm curious why you are taking a different approach than is conventional... :-)

I see you are using the Google Font API on your website.

I'm currently working in the Google Fonts API team, and we are funding the development of freely sharable and modifiable fonts ("libre fonts") for the API :-)

Perhaps we can make a large contribution to the Kickstarter fund... You can fill in https://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=dEtpRm5vbTg5dUtiT3JJMmF... or email me directly - dave@lab6.com

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Hi Dave, just sent you an email! :-)

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