Typography website / opinions needed

Hey guys, im new at Typophile. I am a student graphic designer and i have just started a typohraphy related design services website. It is just a home page for now.

I request your professional opinion needed on the design and anything about the colors and layout and code i should not be doing is welcome.

here my temporary location of the page:

(optimized for firefox only for now....sorry for IE guys)

Nabeel Farooqui
Graphic Designer

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“Optimized for [browser name]” would be your first point of failure. If you don’t know anything about Web standards, well, you must be Canadian.

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"If you don’t know anything about Web standards, well, you must be Canadian."

Or Microsoft.

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Actually, it renders just (well, almost) fine on IE 5.2 for Mac from 2003 (except for PNGs, of course).
That said, I don’t see much typography going on on the home page.
You could start looking at this:

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To riccard0 thank you for your sensible reply, i am looking at webtypography.net and i will continue to make it better.

It renders fine on any browser just my navigation is not appearing as it should on Internet Explorer otherwise everything is fine there.

TO ANGRY PEOPLE "ITS NOT LIKE I HATE IE" i didn't want to put extra effort to make it look good on IE.

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It's OK to hate IE. It really does suck.

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