Crash-course on Quark

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I figgered this would be place to ask about books on Quark. Anyone know of something well-written and easy to understand to help me get a better grasp on this beast? I know the basics of this one, but am much more comfortable using InD, but I need to brush up on Quark cuz I might hafta start using it for work. Any help is appreciated, thnx!

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If you know InDesign then Quark won't be hard. I learned on Quark and then switched to InDesign. As long as you know some basics, you'll be fine.

I am a fan of the Visual Quickstart Guides. They're normally very concise and to the point, and I have a short attention span, so that helps. It doesn't go as in-depth as say the Bibles, but it's much easier to find answers to specific questions with one of these.

I hope it helps.

QuarkXPress 6 Visual QuickStart Guide

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Just take inventory of all the standard keyboard, mouse and software conventions that you are used to in all of your graphic design software. Then just do the opposite inside of QuarkXPress.


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thnx for yer help. i actually just bought the visual quick start book before even reading this thread! i bought their book on html and css to help me with that and found the explanations very clear and easy to understand. thanks for reassuring me i made the right choice!

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I'll second the suggestion made by DeWitt. The Visual QuickStart series is worth a look-see. I'm not so sure I'd buy one though. I'd sooner check the local library and then photocopy the quick-key pages.

As cheesy as some tips & tricks sites may be, you can also google for a lot of useful stuff. EXAMPLE

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