Dynamic Fonts, Special Characters & Kerning Issues - Seeking Professional Help

We are developers of an online game and as we develop more using dynamic text we are finding that we need to fix font issues on a font by font basis in order for them to publish correctly within that environment. The main issues that we are running across are with special characters in the Latin character set, primarily accented characters. Sometimes these characters will drop out altogether or will push the following character out by two spaces or so when published. This doesn't happen when the fonts are used statically, only dynamically.

We don't have the sufficient technical experience here and are interested in hiring this expertise for this project. If you are interested in consulting on this issue, please either respond to this thread or contact me through my user profile on Typophile. Below are the main issues that we are hoping to resolve with your help.

- Needs to support a full Latin character set
- Needs to be able to publish dynamically without kerning issues or missing characters
- Needs to support Mac and PC
- Needs to work across all Adobe products (especially Flash)

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Are you seeking to hire a type designer to work with your programmers on creating a new font that renders well and correctly within your game platforms? Or are you looking for a Flash programmer who can address your text rendering problems with whatever fonts you are using?

Also, the term “full Latin character set” is not especially meaningful. You should probably research Adobe’s extended Latin character sets and figure out which one supports your audience.

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Since you mention that you need to correct fonts on a "font-by-font basis" I would suggest you contact the designers and/or distributors of such fonts. If you have licensed them correctly you should be able to get the support you need to resolve the issues you describe.

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We are not interested in making a new font for our product, we have already purchased a number of fonts from organizations such as Veer and House Industries. We also have a number of Flash programmers that we work with, however, we have done a bunch of research ourselves and our programmers have not been able to resolve this issue.

In terms of the character set, Adobe Latin 1 appears to cover all the regions we need to.

Thanks for your response,

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Have you contacted Adobe to make sure that you aren’t dealing with known Flash bugs or that maybe you’re encountering undocumented bugs? Adobe has done a lot with dynamic text layout in recent versions of Flash so it’s possible that these problems are just buggy code.

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