Sans/Display pairings for TEFF Lexicon No. 2 and FB Proforma

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Long time lurker, first-time poster!

I have been asked to provide some input on font selection and overall design for a prospectus-type publication for an architecture & design research centre.

The preferred text faces are either TEFF's Lexicon No. 2 or Font Bureau's Proforma, the main challenge now is to make a choice regarding the selection of a suitable font for the 'secondary' text elements (headings, subs, captions etc...) - preferably a sans-serif.

Images and graphic materials will form a large component of the overall content, although there will also be substantial bodies of text. The proposed size is around A5-ish, to enable easy and economical postage, and as a result some of the text blocks may be set at quite small sizes (6-7pt).

Any suggestions with regard to either text or sans/display fonts would be most welcome (although the preferences for Lexicon and Proforma come from above!).

Please excuse the mangling of the typographic language for I am just a simple architect - but a passionate typophile!


Grant Dunlop

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i have used FB's Amplitude with nice results in setting heads in a book in combination with Proforma.

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One question you'll have to ask yourself is whether you want harmony or contrast from your pairings.
If harmony, Productus is the sans Petr Van Blockland designed as a companion for Proforma.

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Thank you for suggestion about FB Amplitude. I have tried to take a look at the FB site a couple of times this morning and it seems to be offline - I will persist.


With regards to contrast and harmony, that's a tricky one. It is easier (I think) to develop a harmonious solution, especially with pairing Proforma with Productus. But it may be a touch too close (brother/sister!), perhaps a cousin or strange aunt/uncle would be more interesting!

Contrast? Much harder to well and with a degree of subtlety and consideration. Have looked at Process Types Locator/Locator Display - but not sure how well that one works...

My apologies to the forum moderator for the multiple post - received error messages and re-posted. Please delete the redundant posts.



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I'd also have a look at FF Unit, and possibly DTL Prokyon.

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Proforma/Amplitude sounds great to me. I wouldn't use Lexicon for an architecture firm (unless you specialize in "organic"-looking stuff, I guess).


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I had a look at FF Unit and it seems as though it would sit quite well against Proforma. DTL Prokyon, I'm not so sure about that one - just worried about the letterforms grabbing too much attention sometimes.


Managed to have a look at FB Amplitude and printed out the PDF samples. I just don't like the letterforms of groteques? and find the optical/printing adjustment of the stroke junctions to be distracting.

I do agree with your point regarding Lexicon and feel that Proforma would be more appropriate.



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I have tried to take a look at the FB site a couple of times this morning and it seems to be offline.

You can also see/buy Amplitude at FontShop.

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