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Hello everyone,
my name is Kasia and this is my first post in here. I'm designing a logo for an organic restaurant, the food is going to be a fusion of healthy cooking, the target... everyone. My brief said "flow", I got some pictures of flow forms, and did some further research on vortices created naturally by water and other substances. Here is the result at the current stage, in two versions, simplified and detailed. I'd appreciate any comments. Thanks!

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I like the detailed version better.
Maybe the descending part of the t’s loop isn’t flowing so well.
Also, have you tried a smoother vertex for the V?

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I prefer the one on the top.

The spiral doesn't fit well with the rest of the logo...maybe because it's too thin all the way around.

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I see what you mean with the "t", I think the reason is that it's been a bit overworked and lost some of the original hand drawn flow. The current vortex in "V" is a result of copying the curves of original vortices, I kind of like that it's not a perfect spiral, but maybe the break on the top is just too much. I would ideally like "V" to work on its own as well.
Here are few examples of what it was on its way:

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I am not convinced by the spiral, flow to me implies that it should be going somewhere not going back on itself.
As a whole it reminds me of many spanish food restaurants.

Also what is the 'healthy cooking' a fusion with?


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The organic flow it's nice, but for me it looks a little bit too decorative...Why the spiral? Why the strange (they look too long and no needed for me) swashes on "t" and "a"? You should try to clarify the logo, linking the "V" to the rest and simplifying the n, the t and the a.

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Will, I didn't know how to write it otherwise, food is a fusion of many different origins, from Asian to Western, the common ground being that it's healthy, organic, either gently steamed or completely raw. My client's requirement was that the "V" stands out from the rest a bit, as it is a vegan place, but it shouldn't be anything too obvious.

You are also right about the flow, vortices usually continue into another one. This is where the initial idea for the "V" came from, the third vortex from the bottom is more or less what I had initially, that little bit on the right could have been used as a connector, but I had to remove it:

Luca, thanks, I'll try to do something with the swashes. The problem with connecting "V" is also that the little thing in the middle is supposed to suggest yin and yang, on client's request. I'm trying to think of a way to connect it and keep the symbol...

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I understand. You could then try to place the yin-yang reference in the two "a", or at the end of the swash of the second "a".

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perhaps the swirl side of the 'V' could swirl out to the right (outside of the V) rather than inside.

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