Lettering (which \r\ to use?)

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I'm on the fence about which \r\ I should use in this lettering piece, so I decided to post it here in the hope of some useful insights by you guys. Going for a Didot with a pinch of Bookman Swash.

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The ball on the first is a little too much, but the second one seems a little weak.
Have you tried to replace the ball with a curl like those of L, I, s, m?

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Here are two other variations; Inward terminal, might repeat the \L\ too much here. And a smaller dot-terminal (which might not be placed perfectly at the moment).

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The 2nd one of your recent post looks great! It feels like it needs that ball terminal, and I prefer it to the ball terminal in your other post which felt a little too heavy.

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Thanks Victor and Will. I too think the smaller ball-terminal looks best.

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