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Hello everyone,

I've been reading here for some time now and finally decided to register and participate. So I'm posting something to be criticized, as a start.
Explanation: sulPET is the annual meeting of all PET - Programa Especial de Treinamento, "special training program" from universities in southern Brazil. PET is kind of a study/research group made up by really good students (you need high grades to get into a PET) and professors. There are PETs about all areas of study - Architecure, Engineering, Literature, Biology...
So this is the 8th sulPET, and the three small sentences on the right are this year's subject: (from top to bottom) Sharing Knowledge, Science and Society, Constructing Paths.
We've tried to stay away from "pictorial" logo because the budget is very low and we don't feel it makes much sense to create a logo that will be lost as soon as the meeting is over.
This year's meeting focuses on the relationship between PETs and society in general, in opposition to other years which were generally about inside-PET discussions. We tried to convey that by putting the subject lines as outgoing lines that start from the word PET. That's the main idea we think should be passed to the participants: that this year is about an outgoing thought, not restrictive on the PET.
Oh, the font is Helvetica, in it's Bold and Black variations. We tried to keep it straightforward and simple so we tried with different sans-serif fonts, but Helvetica has such a nice balance we decided for it. A classic's a classic, eh?

Anyway... we're open to all king of suggestions, concepts, typographic details, etc etc. Thank you all :-)
here's the image

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My only thought is to make the type on the rotating divisions the same size. By making them different sizes it (one) looks like a mistake or (two) you are making some more important than others.

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new try
Here's a new version with some slight changes. Tried to balance out the box size/font size.
I've tried making the same "box size" and also having the same font size, but both look weird once you rotate, either the surrounding " invisible circle" feels weird or (as was the case in the version i first posted) the text looks too different from each other.

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Here's the new, updated version! We're trying to reinforce the "getting out" idea, and thought that to communicate it we had to show that things were getting out FROM somewhere. The great thing about this is that it's still a two-color job, but feels like there's more.

new logo
(the orange doesn't look so nice in RGB...)

Any suggestions, critique, ideas, anyone? Thanks in advance :-)

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the legibility on the angled words is lost now.

the black outlines on all the orange words are making it look like desktop publishing. not very professional.

can the VIII look a bit more like roman numerals. (ie - add horizontal bars?) it gets lost for me, blending in with sul.

the box isn't really needed. the older version was better. maybe try making a "box" out of the other elements?

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Unfortunately (and I REALLY think it's unfortunate) we can't go back to that older version. It looks way too much like the logo a previous version of the same event.
I'm gonna try and post some new versions soon. Thanks for the comments loren.

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Continuity is not a bad thing. I think evolving a logo by making it more illustrative and less legible are the wrong directions.
Maybe try rearranging all of the same elements as the year before, stacking, turning, scaling, until it's similar but unique.


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How about constucting the I's of VIII out of the "Compartilhando Saberes"... phrases?

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Normally, I don't think continuity is a bad thing either. However, according to the people who are organizing this event, this one is a turning point in terms of content - it's a new direction. So they don't want it to look like it's a sequel of last year. Also, there was no previous continuity, every year it's hosted by a different university and a whole different groups works on it.

Steve: that's an interesting idea, maybe it would have problems when reduced, but I'll try it anyway. Thanks :-)
(I should be posting something here, but there hasn't been much improvement...)

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