Helvetica family reunion

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Hi fellow typophiles,

If the original Helvetica were to hold a family reunion today in which he could invite his favorite typeface relatives, who would he invite and why? What would the Helvetica family tree look like?...I think Akzidenz Grotesk Bald (I mean Bold) would be the gracefully aged grandfather of Helvetica... brash cousins?... crazy cousins?... etc...bastard son Arial... enlightened and reclusive son Haas Unica?...

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If Arial is the bastard son then Activ Grotesk is the inbred child of his baby mama.

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Don't forget Anzeigen Grotesk and Aurora Grotesk

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There's the Swiss (721) impostor side of the family, and some dead relatives like Helios

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Clones: Nimbus Sans et al.

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