Compisite characters, alias.dat and alternates.

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When creating glyphs from components FontLab does not automatically map characters named with suffixes to the appropriate alias.dat entry, e.g. mapping K.alt1 to the entry for K. Should I just add new lines to alias.dat for alternates, or is there some way to get FontLab to do this automatically?

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You SHOULD be able simply to edit the alias.dat file, unless you've recently installed FOG5 on a Windows Vista machine. I did, and now I'm locked out of editing the alias.dat file: exactly why, I do not know...

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The alias.dat recipes do not automatically inherit from basic glyphs to alternates, so you need to create your own recipes for alternates (through copy-paste and some editing).

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The alias.dat file is a bit of a pain to deal with (you have to quit and restart FontLab whenever you change it, for one thing). So what I do is create a text file containing composite recipes for the particular font or font family I'm working on. Then, all I do is copy the text from it and paste into the "generate glyphs" dialog when I'm ready to create the composite glyphs. You can see right away if the recipes are working in the preview area below the text field in the "generate glyphs" dialog and, if you made any errors, you can cancel before actually generating the composites.

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I'm with Mark on this.

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My procedure is equal to Mark's one. This gives the possibility to manage blocks of recipes and also keep the font "recipe" for future use.

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