Art Deco Font ideas

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My friend has asked me to put together her wedding invites using an 'art deco' inspired font. Has anyone got any ideas? Readability seems to be a problem with a lot of them.

Shrifteen is a favourite at the moment, but worried about readability. Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

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This style is more Art Nouveau than Art Deco, btw.

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Or maybe more Arts & Crafts than either!

I would look over P22's offerings. Click here
then click Art Style, then Arts & Crafts.

(Or click Art Deco if that is indeed what you are looking for!)

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Ed Benguiat art nouveau typefaces:

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Scriptorium has several Art Nouveau and Arts & Craft typefaces.
(At present Firefox is reporting their site as malware, but you can find them at MyFonts)

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Thanks for all your help

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