Fonts with Arabic version

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I'm Looking for a typeface with varied language support and in particular an arabic version - I know Linotype have 'Neue Helvetica Arabic', anyone know of any others?

would appreciate any suggestions...

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There is Fedra and Fedra Arabic ; Palatino Nova and Palatino Arabic ; in progress, there is Cassius / Ali by Mathieu Réguer (

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Koufiya. There is information about other Arabic fonts on the page.

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Don't forget FF Amman, from FSI, or another Linotype typeface… Frutiger Arabic.

Doesn't Adobe Arabic sort of gell with Minion's color, too?

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Check this out:

The Typographic Matchmaking 01 project
10 Arab and Dutch designers collaborate on designing Arabic companions for Dutch fonts

Gerard Unger & Nadine Chahine
Fred Smeijers & Lara Assouad Khoury
Martin Majoor & Pascal Zoghbi
Lucas de Groot & Mouneer Al-Shaarani
Peter Bilak & Tarek Atrissi

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