Word processing in identity systems

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For the users of identity systems, what is the current state of the art in terms of templates with styles and typographic auto-correction? I'm not a big Word user so I haven't tried creating a template within it - is there a way to export an InDesign file into a Word template?

I wish Adobe would come out with a PDF XML based word processor that could take specially formatted indesign files. Having it use optical margin adjustment, proper quotes, dashes, and numerals, etc, would be great. If it had CSS-like external style sheets/master pages that the documents referenced when opened, that would be really cool too.


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Word templates are my worst nightmare. I admit I'm not a Word pro, and I also admit that I never *want* to be a Word Pro. That said, I'm not aware of a means to export InD files to something Word-friendly. Shorry...

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Yeah, sorry Rod

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It's not *quite* what you're asking for, but have you looked at InCopy?


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I'd never heard of InCopy - I'm checking it out now and it looks promising. Thanks!

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