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Hi all,

I just wondered what do you see in this logo? (and i mean to the green part...).


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Hi again,

This is an idea of a logo for natural juice company.
Any feedback would be appriciated. Thanks! elsi.

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It seems a little rigid to say “juice” to me.
And always try it in black and white first.

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I see what could be the stem of a plant and the tips of two leaves. Not the part of a plant the juice comes from. Possibly suitable for tea, but as Riccardo says, it looks a bit rigid.

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I'm afraid I see "Nh".

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I'm afraid I see a decapitated frog.

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Sanish Joseph? Spam spam spam spam!

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Here again,

Tried to leave out the leaves (as suggested) and include in the nectar part.
Found myself diggin too deep so i thought to check and see if you think that it is a good direction.
The second version is a (poor) try to turn the U into a flower...still not finished.
The logo should carry some elegance tone.

(almost..) any feedback will be appriciated :)


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liking the hummingbird,
the flower needs a bit of work, it feels a little weedy & leaning left, maybe chuck a stem for the flower in & see if thats cool?
in fact you could just go with option 1 in my opinion..
the typeface isn't my cup of tea but i can see why you chose it
kia ora

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There is a big disharmony between the colors in all of your examples.

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Thanks Chilly!
Arno - Thanks, which color would you change? the green or the orange? Any feedback on the logo itself?


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I think that a simple solution would be just filling the u with juice.

If you prefer the flower-shape modification, I think r would be a better candidate.

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riccard0's idea is good

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>> what do you see in this logo?
>> This is an idea of a logo for natural juice company.

Unfortunately I see...a lawsuit from Nantucket Nectars :(

But hey, I'm no copyright lawyer, so what do I know.

I would try other letters as the flower and see if another one works better.

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@ Mugford: sorry, didn't get this one about Nantucket Nectars... I googled this name and found their logo - could not see anything in common with mine.Please let me know what i am missing here. (thanks).

Still working on the flower thing...

Thanks anyway!

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i also looked at nantucket nectars.. wtf is mugford smoking?

@lamakova, could we see an option with the 'r' as the flower?

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I'm struggling with choosing the right font…
Anyhow, here is another try in b&w – just to check and see if the general idea is working.
Again, it is for a natural juice company, their product should have some elegant look.
@ Chilly – nothing with the ‘r’ yet…

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I think that the hummingbird drinking out of the letters is corny. It would look nicer if it was positioned horizontally or flying upwards slightly above the letters - giving it a "so free I'm about to fly away" feeling.

Also, the ct is not right, kerning plus c sloping differently from the other letters.

As for Nantucket Nectars "Real is Better", you've just got to wonder if they import their orange concentrate from Brazil like most other brands.

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I love the hummingbird, but the typeface says Nestle especially the "N"

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Thanks Yaply, Edvino.

would appriciate more feedback as I have one 'yes' and one 'no' for the humminbird...

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I'm not keen on the hummingbird, but if you use it I think it should be stylised in the same way as the flower u. However, and this might just be because I'm a gardener, but the flower looks like a tulip. Not something likely to be visited by a hummingbird.

A problem I have with the hummingbird and flower idea is that it is taking the "nectar" part of the name too literally. This is a juice company. Nectar and juice are not the same thing although nectar is a well known metaphor for a sweet drink. Hence Nantucket Nectars, nectar of the gods, etc. Unless this company happens to be using flower nectars I'd try a direction that says juice & fruit rather than flowers and pollinators.

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Sorry, I wasn't clear. I like the hummingbird too. It's a good symbol for nectar. I don't like the drinking out of the letters bit. That's corny. It would look better if it was just flying around - gives the idea of being free and natural.

Actually, I think that the company name would sound better as "Natural Nectar" rather than "Natural Nectars", it sounds more natural, but that's outside the scope of this forum.

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good feedbacks; makes me think now... :)

thank you,

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I just meant the name/product category, not the logo.

But hey, a Kennedy Fried Chicken is opening up in my neighborhood, so I'm probably wrong.

Anyone see Coming To America?

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