sophisticated, natural/earthy fonts?

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Looking for a nice sophisticated font that has a natural earthy feel. Kinda like this one.

Any suggestions?

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When you want to be all things to all people, look for an oxymoron.

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Sophisticated and earthy seem like opposites; like a tuxedo and bib overalls. Perhaps you could explain further.

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Sumner Stone has some fonts that are both sophisticated and earthy. But they look nothing like that.

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"Kinda like this one" would be like ... American Typewriter, or Archer? There're a couple of threads on here that list alternatives to those (Google helps)

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Sorry for the vague description. I meant natural/earthy like the example shown in the op. I'll try out the ones mentioned. Thank you for your help.

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I can't really find the natural/earthy-ness of the example, but it's all perception I suppose.

If you like the type in your OP, listen to Sebastian. If you like the idea of having true sophistication with an earthy tone, listen to Dunwich.

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By oxymoron, I mean types which combine contradictory principles.
Humanist sans faces, for instance, which marry the clean, reductive, mechanical ethos of the unadorned monoline with something of the quality of hand-made lettering. But finding the balance is up to you. A new humanist sans, from Shinntype, Sensibility.
Another of my oxymorons, Bodoni Egyptian.

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