Need help making a logo decision

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I am redesigning the identity for Microtek. They are a company that specializes in scanners, but also are involved in other digital imaging including digital cameras, monitors, and projectors etc. I have narrowed down to 2 different directions and am having an extremely hard time chosing one.

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Jason, IMHO the first one will stand through time more than the second. Please do have another look at the 'm' as it doesn't really fit the rest of the letters; it's more curved, like Helvetica whereas the others are curved/angular in the way Eurostile is (just random examples from the top of my head, but I hope you get the drift). Hope to have been of help.

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The second logo makes more sense because it mimics the flatbed of a scanner as well as the ability to capture three-dimensional objects in a two-dimensional space. However, the only problem I am seeing with this one is the name itself. It does not relate well with the logo. It seems separate and loose. If you can work the two elements into each other a bit more then you would have a perfect solution.

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If you go with the first logo, drop the bottom center pixel so that it recalls an "M" better.

I prefer the second logo myself.


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I like number two better, but Maya brings up an excellent point; the symbol and the letters don't match at all. Try putting your text on the same three dimensional layer, and make its perspective match. If you do that right, it won't look gimicky today, or tired tomorrow.

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thanks for the help everyone, i see you are about as divided on this as I am, as was my class at school. I will work on the "m" to go with the rest of the letters a bit more, and try and see if i can fit the type on the second one more closely to the mark.

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ok i changed the "m" a bit.. does this look more fitting with the rest of the type?

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I'm sorry but I do not see any difference from the original one. Maybe because your changes are not dramatic enough. As a whole teh two elements still do not work together with each other. Maybe if you change the pixels to orange. Or have the "m" in the sphere and the rest "icrotek" right beside it, continuing from it. Hope this helps :-)

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that was just a change on the letter "m" in microtek.. as per Diederik's suggestion. the mark itself hasnt changed yet

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im not quite sure what i can do to incorporate the "perspective" mark with the type.. im not really into throwing the type into perspective as well.. i played around a bit and came up with these three variations..

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Jason, the 'm' definitely matches the rest better like this. From the three 'perspective' marks I like the center one best, as it draws you into the logoand besides the other two seem to be on a curved plane somehow, and as it is about flatbeds...

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No offence, but I would drop the first one right away. Looks too old and out dated already. Th symbol of the second one have a fresh and modern style which could still live on for some years at least (usually you need to make smaller adjustments after 10 years or so, even on "perfect logotypes"). My concern is the typeface used. It doesn't go along with the symbol at all. Try to fins some mora approprate style of the letters. handmade or adjusted commercial typefaces works best in my opinion.

Good luck!

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cool, thanks for the feedback, as far as the type used, it was picked basically as a contrast to the curved forms in an attempt to compliment the mark. The class/teacher actually chose it after weeks of seeing MANY different choices/variations etc, so changing it at this point is not really feasable, but i appreciate the comment and after the assignment is over, and i have more time, ill play around with it a bit. (sorry for the run-on :P)

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#1 is too dated of a concept IMHO. 'pixels' are overdone as it is, and the cable connection mimics a serial cable...which screams '1994' to anyone in the know. ;o)

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