Typographic Tattoo

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Hey guys...

Been trying to find a tattoo (full arm) what would contain all the letters of the alphabet mixed up, been researching this for months, but no luck, would anyone on here have any idea???...

The idea of the tatto was mixed cases (upper and lower) in complet ramdon order, running down the arm onto the forearm and around the arm, Im a graphic designer, so wanted to have something like this....and help would be appreciated....

Drop me a mail at info@ray.ie



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Thanks guys....still not what I'm looking for..search continues!!


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You're looking for panagrams.

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Maybe you're thinking of this sexy young thing: Gemma O'Brien.

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I was thinking "She just needs to learn to write left-handed", then at 3:10 her (previously clear) right arm is suddenly done too!

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Yea, not so much panagrams, but the youtube vid is along the lines i was looking for, just need some images to start putting the tattoo together....thanks guys.

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