Modern Stencils

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I'm looking for a modern stencilled typeface. This examples are great (see attached) any recommendations?

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Check out Vacant -

We have others, and and have nice ones as well.

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Check also VTF Casteljau, freely available here:
under a CC BY SA licence :-)

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Plan Grotesque Stencil by Nikola Djurek .

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Thank you all for your help. Got plenty to sift through.

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Another on from Nikola Djurek: Typonine Stencil

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Unless you're talking about modern stencils. In that case you might like Eames.

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^ That's exactly the one I was trying to remember the name of.

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What about Stanley by Bold Monday ?


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And now there is PF Din Stencil!

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I second the Eames Black Stencil recommendation.

There is also Stag Stencil:

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