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Hi everyone,

I am back with a problem that had me gone nuts over the last weeks. I am developing a corporate logo for an engineering company called "AMG", the client is quite happy with the "AMG" text and the three colored squares on top of it but, both me and my client, are quite quizzed about the text underneath the main text( engineering).

I feel like it's all wrong but I can't find a solution. Ihave no clue of what font could fit nicely in the composition. Do you have some suggetions?

Thanks for the help,

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Maybe you could explain some of the reasons why you chose the 3 squares and the style of the AMG text. Without knowing what this is intended to communicate or what concepts went into it so far, it is kind of hard to suggest some ways to refine the subtitle.

One thing that is not quite working is the scalability of this mark. It looks fine at larger sizes, but as it gets smaller, it will loose definition and clarity. The small cuts in the letters will be invisible and the squares will be tiny dots. I would work toward something that will maintain its appearance at 1cm width. Good start!

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I agree with Luma Vine about the scalability; your logo isn't going to work in small sizes. Try printing the logo postage-stamp size (or smaller) and you'll see the problem.

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