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Last evening we released Foral – Rui Abreu's modern slab serif. A project that started almost four years ago. It started as a rigid and geometric design, but during this long period it developed into a more organic and balanced typeface, as it moved away from the initial modularity. Foral maintains its geometric concept, but with harmonized proportions and polished forms

Foral Pro is a eight-weight typeface, ranging from Light to Extra Bold with matching italics. It come with Small Caps and a wide range of OpenType features, allowing extensive and versatile use.

For a closer look and got to the Foral page

Download PDF.

thank you for your time

Peter W. Bruhn

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This looks fairly good. Congratulations.

You might want to re-evaluate the weight of the vertical serifs against the horizontal ones in the uppercase light cut. Take a closer look at L-U-T-E.

And the lowercase s seems (to me) being *slightly* too little in Regular and perhaps other styles. Maybe vertical scaling 101% helps.

I wish you success!
A. St.

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mt bom :)

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