Custom lettering for restaurant

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Logotype for Pan Asian cuisine. Target demographic is women aged 15-55.

This is my first attempt at completely custom, "hand" lettered type. All comments welcomed!

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Looks nice. Some suggestions would be to shorten the descender strokes on the g's. Thin the connecting stroke from the i to n and also try to put more slant on the bowls of your g's so the match the italic pitch of the n.

Other than that it looks very nice :)

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Would love to hear some more comments on this one!

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I would try to swap the two "g" one in the place of the other, because of that "swirl" of the first one (just a suggestion to try something different, i don't know how it will look like), shorthen the descenders and make the overall logo a liiiittle less bold: when set in white it looks too bold to me...

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What about a capital G?

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Here is the latest version. The client liked the first one but wanted to take a much more modern approach.

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When I think of ginger, I think it's pretty organic--not in the fluid art nouveau line sense, but it does grow in a way that doesn't remind me of the latest stuff.

It's also textured and bumpy, and has rings along its root sort of like a bamboo stalk does.

Either way the client wants what they want--but I can imagine modern simplistic still being organic, instead of almost so industrial as to use the square as you have in the latest example...which is why I think the leaf seems like so much of an after thought (its forms don't at all correspond to the letters').

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the latest version the leaf looks more like a flame. Also the type choice doesn't feel very welcoming...especially for a restaurant...too rigid. The original concept was much better.

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i think your original concept felt much more modern as well as more playful and inviting.
just needed a couple small touch-ups.

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Agree with Evan, the latest logo looks way more dated than the first one. This could evoke industrially mass produced ginger juice, or anything else. It gives me a cold "synthetic" feeling. Sorry to say, but for me it really lacks personality...or maybe it's just the client's taste.

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Yes, this second version feels very 80s modern

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Agreed. Was really digging the first version. The second has the feeling of a bottle of herbal tea. But, the client is the client. I would try and warm it up a bit, seems a bit cold at the moment.

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