Typefaces for an interior design business

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I'm looking for suggestions for typefaces that I can use to brand an interior design company. It's a very small company that does currently does a lot of work for professionals (lawyers, doctors, etc) and typically involves home renos. The business is looking to grow. Their design approach tends towards modern, clean, and fresh.

I need fonts for a logo and general text in flyers, written communications, etc. The logo is two words, the owner's name followed by 'design.' I'm looking for one or possibly two fonts that could be paired together for the logo. I think the 'design' word in the logo could be either serif or a sans serif. I'm thinking sans serif for the accompanying fonts that will be used for copy.

Any help is much appreciated!!

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Hi, Adam. We can't do your work for you, but I'd happily help you narrow down some choices. Do you have some typefaces that you are thinking about already?

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Thanks for the help Miss Tiffany!

So far I've found Museo Sans and Gotham. I think Gotham could work for the logo, but not for body copy. I like Museo Sans for the logo (in combination with Museo) and for body copy too.

That's what I have so far, what do you think?

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