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This is for a swimwear company which focuses on "form-fitting bikinis". I incorporated a figure of a woman in the negative space of the bikini. Also, the knot of the bikini is formed into an L and an H which is just a bonus if you happen to catch it. I'd appreciate any suggestions/crits on the mark and/or type.

-edit- Client wanted another direction. Please view the new samples in the posts below.

Btw, the circle will be cleaned up. It looks a bit jagged right now.

-edit- Client wanted another direction. Please view the new samples in the posts below.

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The type of the 4th (bottom right) design appears to flow better with the illustrative elements, the ampersand works well. Maybe shift the type up a touch though, it looks lost or like a separate element.

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i don't get the form-fitting bikini illustration. to me, the white shapes reads more like a dress. i too like the bottom right font, but maybe in a light weight.

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I saw the bikini top first, and didn't see the figure and initials. I question what the circle adds to the design. The colors and style feel a bit more casual and surfer than upscale formal. Not sure how the circle plays into that idea, or if it is fitting to the company. But I agree with the others about the bottom right font choice being best. Neat concept.

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The lh and the woman figure is not that apparent, but it doesn't really matter. Your mark is strong enough as is, IMO. I happen to like the circle and colour choice very much, but that's just me. The type doesn't work for me. It could be so much stronger. Perhaps something handwritten, or something that followed the circle shape. If you're uncomfortable drawing type yourself, there's no shame in hiring help! After all, most of us (Typophiles) are type designers.

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Thank you for the feedback. Rather than an upscale image, I believe the company wants to give off a warmer, lighter feeling while still projecting a professional image. They requested the use of warm earth tones and provided me with a pdf with images of natural elements. As for the circle, I added it because just having the bikini top looked unbalanced to me. I felt the circle sort of glued everything together. If you guys have any suggestions on that, please let me know. I did try something hand-written but it ended up looking a bit kiddish which would not fit the target audience. But again, I'm open to suggestions.

Here are three versions with varying weights of the bottom right rendition. Personally, I like the second one the best but I'd like to hear some thoughts on that.

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I suppose the logo is final. So I comment with caution and respect.

I wonder if the circle isn't causing the illustration to be a little misread. (I first saw a very curvy body shape with large thighs, but now see the top.) Could the shape in which the top sits be a little more organic or interact somehow with the top? It feels as if the top is trapped. Or could the straps somehow interact with the circle?

Having a second color in the type, for me, disconnects the mark from the logotype. Or will you, somehow, include an accent of the 2nd color in the mark?

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I see the same thing as @Miss Tiffany. It took a lot of work for me to "see" the bikini top instead of a green torso with large white thighs. Maybe because the bikini top is so low in the circle. (Or maybe I was just projecting my feelings about myself in a bathing suit...oops, TMI.)

I prefer the medium weight type.

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I really had to struggle to see the bikini top. The first thing that came to mind was a carrot-like vegetable. Second thing that came to mind was a rear view of a bride and groom dancing (a fat-bottomed groom)
I also agree that the orange color of the text disconnects it from the mark.

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I saw the bikini top at once :) Perhaps I’ve been attending too many swimsuit competitions.

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I like the 'lh', I like the bikini top, but I think the negative figure is a stretch and is only diluting the other two elements.

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I liked the logo with the typeface on the top right better, but unlike the other posters here, I'm not a professional typographer.

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@quadibloc I think I'm set on the type. But who knows what could happen right? :)

As for the mark, I'm still trying different approaches and putting everyone's thoughts into consideration but I thought I'd show the bikini out of the circle for now. When I first tried this, I thought it didn't look right but I tried it again a second time and strangely it looked better. Plus, w/ the bikini out of the circle, I think people will see the bikini first rather than its negative shape. Any thoughts on this?

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I still see an 'almost bikini top' and an 'almost figure of a women' in the image. I'd rather have it be clearly a bikini top and sacrifice the negative figure. That'd let one focus on the literal image easily but still keep the 'hidden' lh as a nice surprise.

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I see bikini top right away...but I'm getting a strip joint vibe. The type choice is quite nice maybe you don't need the mark.

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I'm getting a strip joint vibe

Actually pretty much +1 to everything Jakes said...the logo is going to be seen with the product right? So why does it need an image of the product to be shown with the actual product?


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i agree with ratbaggy. is this product for +size women?

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I like the mark inside the circle (sorry Tiff). It keeps that rather wobbly design in place. I might loose that line on the ring.

And so we can concentrate on type.

These are just samples for you to see the possibilities.

And honestly; how is this form a plus-size? Those are child-bearing hips any man appreciates. (Unless one looks for those models with hips like those of a boy?) I appreciate a woman with waist and hips.

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nope, nothing against hips. =) just wondering, that's all.

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wow. I see a wonky rabbit.

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Hey guys! I appreciate all the constructive help. And thank you @Tomi for taking the time to showing me your vision. I showed my previous rendition to the client and unfortunately I was way off. She was looking for more of a sexy/clean/modern/earthy vibe with a non-literal mark. Also, apparently, the one I showed her gave off a "maternity" feeling. She gave me some new direction and wanted me to focus on the ampersand so it could be used both as part of the logo and separately as an abbreviated mark.

So, here's what I came up with:

Your thoughts are welcome as always.

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I like the first of the new ones, but the leaf (?) isn't working much.

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still swimwear right? just a wild nutty idea but, how about creating a figure diving into the bowl of the & instead of the leaf. could be fun

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@hola Yes, still swimwear. That sounds like a great idea but I can't imagine how I would execute it with such limited space. Thanks for the suggestion. It'll definitely open up some doors to new creative ideas.

@riccard0 Is it hard to tell it's a leaf? I'll explore other options.

I used the leaf because it was the only way I could think of to inject "natural/earthy" into the design by the way.

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you don't need to inject every single 'image' into the the mark. do it with style, texture, placement, and brand.

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Is it hard to tell it's a leaf?

No, it's just a little stiff.
And, for swimwear I would see better a drop.

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My days and nights are one big blur. ;) I was in the middle of working on another concept when I read what you wrote (riccard0) and tried a drop.

Simple, earthy, and has to do with swimming.

Possible candidate? (second one)

@Ratbaggy I agree 100%. That's why I'm trying to keep the image insertions to a minimum. I think a simple image would add a nice touch to the mark though since they will be using it separately in abbreviated form.

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this is going places!

I personally think the drop is too heavy, but it's feeling pretty good.

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as for me, the last two ones are not pretty good, sorry

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Who are your target audience...young or old?

The previous type face seem more fit for younger audience...modern & playful. The last version seem more old fashion.

Also, careful what color you choose for the ampersand...in b&w, it looks like oil.

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Thanks for the feedback.

@jakes The target audience is 20s and 30s. The client really liked the branding of this company: http://bit.ly/dim59L

Meaning something that looks elegant and timeless, yet natural and earthy at the same time.

Here are a few more concepts I was playing around with, 4 and 5 with a different font:

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Sans Serif has a more modern feeling to it, Slab I think is a little too manly for a swimwear company unless you used something light. I think the comment that jakes made about the newer iterations being old fashioned was on the money, especially using the ampersand as the logomark of the type. Nevertheless, the ampersand is one of my favourite glyphs. On the other hand, the blue/orange colour scheme really works. I think the primary problem with the stylisations of the ampersand is scale, none of them really hold up to scaling very well. What about abbreviating Lauren & Holly to just L&H? If the client wants to appeal to 20's and 30's they ought to reconsider your original direction, perhaps if you tried rehashing some iteration of your original with the pizazz of the new direction? I dunno, tough case but I think you've brought a lot to the table.

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