Re-Design, Font choices

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I am currently re-designing an action sports magazine and Would love to get some input on Type. Its been quite the task as the criteria seems to grow by the day. Currently we are using Berthold City (headline), Minion Pro (body) and interstate( captions/sidebars). We are trying to do a bit of a 180 and clean up the book a bit. We are a photo driven publication which should traditionally lend itself to a minimalist approach however my creative director wants something with "a little more flair"( but i would like to keep it on the sophisticated side). I was considering Archer, Tungsten and Gotham along with several other H&FJ Fonts, however they all seem to be a bit "overused". I'm trying to stay away from a slab yet still need something with appropriate personality for the mag. Any input would be much appreciated, Thanks!

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You could try my Tang family:
It's narrow, but with those ink traps it might work; good for body text, and enough character for headlines. Me thinks.

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