Revisiting December

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In my sophomore year (now a senior) we were required to make a typeface. Although that was just the beginning of the assignment, the second parts like making a specimen, won't help me now. Needless to say, since that class I've fallen in love with type. Researching, reading, but never producing anything.

I've decided that as a personal project, I would like to revisit what I originally called December and take the forms created in illustrator and turn them in to an actual font. Lowercase, numerals, so on and so forth. I've picked up "Learn Fontlab Fast" and I'm about to dive in over the weekend. I have some sketches for lowercase, and already plan on refining some of the shapes. But I figured why not see what the masters at typophile have to say.

I've attached two images, one of the grid and one of a setting I did while I was working on the other parts of the assignment. I've learned a lot since then, I can already see problems with parts, but fresh eyes might see something I'm missing.

Thanks for your help, and I look forward to becoming more and more involved with type design and this fun place.


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I like the retro style!

When you squint your eyes you'll see that all vertical strokes are heavier than all vertical curves, so make them fatter, even fatter than the vertical strokes.

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Thanks a ton for the tip, I'll post the progress on fixing that and a few other things after I get a chance to work on it this weekend.

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