Durable Media For Outdoors

Hi there gang,
Got a new project on at my work where I've been asked to come up with assessment media (books or pamphlets)which can been used in the outdoors.

So for example - a trainer would take this assessment book or sheet out into the field on his/her mountain bike or kayak to assess a trainee on practical stuff.

We currently have notebooks with waterproof paper that can be written on with Biro pen, but other then that, I don't know where to start looking for this type of printed media! Any one heard of this kind of stuff?


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Tyvek synthetic paper is virtually indestructible (except for combustion), and the Fisher Space Pen ought to work anywhere except the ninth ring of Hell...

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There is also Yupo synthetic paper.

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There are children books made of soft rubber/plastic.

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A good full-service print shop could show you sample books of various paper stocks that would work, and they could obtain full-size sample sheets for you. I'd suggest testing a sample to make sure that your pen can write on it.

Heavier-weight papers are less likely to flap around in the breeze. Also be sure the papers are secured in some way (3-ring binder or whatever) so you don't end up chasing after them.

Lamination is another option if the pages don't need to be written upon.

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Brilliant! Thanks for the advice people. I will be chasing this all up immateriality

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