(x) Looking for a font that fits with "Percolator" - various {gang}

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I don't like the percolator consonants much.. but I would like to use the vowels for my OASE Logo. Could someone help me find a font that is equally wide, serif-style, that I could combine with my percolator bits? Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance, Miriam

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Runa Serif maybe.

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Thanks, But I was looking for something less "catchy", a more classical, well balanced style that could be used for the word "wellness" as well. IT seems to me like democratica and percolator are based on the same classic font and that base font I am trying to find.

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thanks Adriano, I will look into runa,I like it, it's not as round though.

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I was thinking more along the lines of "didot" or somethin but it seems more condensed to me.

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Here's an interesting take on Didot:


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I have to agree, Rotis is a better match, no doubt, thanks for the tip, and I didn't mind the more condensed look either. Thanks a million!

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Well, as much as I don't think Rotis (et al) such a good idea ... it might be exactly what you need for this project. Just playing with it I've found all iterations--serif, semi-serif, sans, semi-sans--might really work. The serif structure, or lack of it maybe, in your logo doesn't work with a didone, transitional or mechanic style serif.

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