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Can someone please read the Summary and Portfolio sections below and comment if they make any sense at all? This is for my friend's resume, she will be looking for freelance/contract font development projects.

(Hopefully I'm going to catch some attention before everyone sits down in a Dublin pub!)

15 years of experience in font production. Implemented all stages of font production from digitization to font file generation.
Produced bitmap, PostScript Type 1, TrueType, OpenType fonts. Optimized fonts for b&w, grayscale and ClearType display anti-aliasing environments. Worked on extended Latin, Cyrillic and Arabic scripts. Proficient Fontlab user.

Over 3000 fonts processed, major projects include:

1) Bespoke handwriting fonts production

Designed development process and supervised a team of 6 font engineers. Over 1000 individual fonts were produced over the course of 5 years. In addition to bespoke non-public fonts, several commercial fonts were produced as a part of this project: Birch, Epsilon, Irina, Kremlin, Nina, Tatiana.

For these fonts I developed Latin script glyphs based on original handwriting samples, Cyrillic glyphs were further designed by Tagir Safaev. Samples of these fonts can be found at:

2) Manual TrueType hinting commissioned by major foundries

  • World best known sans-serif typeface (designer John Hudson of Tiro, commissioned by a major foundry)
    Manual hinting of Greek, Cyrillic and Hebrew scripts for year 2009 re-issuance of famous sans-serif typeface originally designed in 1957. (Due to an NDA, full details and samples are available on request.)
  • Well-known grotesque typeface (commissioned by a major foundry)
    Manual hinting for a well-known grotesque typeface, originally released in 1898.
    (Due to an NDA, full details and samples are available on request.)
  • SBL BibLit (designer John Hudson of Tiro, commissioned by Society of Biblical Literature)
    Parts of SBL BibLit have been released as SBL Hebrew:

    3) PostScript and TrueType hinting of Russia’s national pan-Cyrillic font.

    PT Sans family (designed by ParaType, commissioned by the Government of Russian Federation)

    True Type hinting performed on PT Sans font family, that was specifically developed for excellent on-screen presentation. Over 700 glyphs manually hinted for 48 sizes, for b&w, grayscale and ClearType modes. Full fonts are available at

    Additionally, PostScript hinting performed on PT Sans Pro, a commercial release consisting of 32 styles. Font samples are available at

    4) PostScript, TrueType and OpenType font development

    Produced fonts designed by Paratype, leading Russian font foundry.
    Worked on Latin, Cyrillic, Hebrew and Arabic scripts.

    Over 45 typefaces produced, including top sellers of Paratype catalog:
    Bachenas, Bannikov, BaseNine, ITC New Baskerville, Bazhanov, Caslon, DIN Condensed, ITC Franklin Gothic, FreeSet, Futura PT, Gothic725, Harry Plotter, Haverj, Herold, Hortensia, Humanist 531, ITC Eras, ITC Garamond, ITC Officina Sans, ITC Officina Serif, Joker, Karolla, Ladoga, Lazurski, Literaturnaya, Mason Serif, Mason Sans, Meta, Neva, Pragmatica, News Gothic, Newton, Octava, Parangon, PT Sans, QuadratGrotesk, Quartet, Raleigh, Reforma, Rodchenko, Rossika, Stroganov, Swift, Zagolovochnaya
    Samples of these fonts are available at

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    Hi Maxim, I'm interested in getting in touch with your friend. Please let her contact me at: exljbris [at] me [dot] com

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    This may not be the kind of critique you're after, but "Hebrew" is misspelled "Herbrew" in a couple of places.

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    thanks, I'm after all suggestions. The typo has been fixed.

    Jos, we'll be in touch.

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    Likewise typo of "hinitng" for "hinting" in heading 2.

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    I'm usually a stickler for typos, but in this case I think I would be overwhelmed by the entire resume, with a very impressive list of worked-on fonts!

    (Imagine browsing through any major font catalogue, with off-the-cuff remarks such as "Oh sure, I did this one ... did that too ... and that one ... and I worked on that one ...")

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    Dave, thanks, fixed that and a couple of other typos.

    I feel embarrassed by the fact that I use this audience for proofreading (I did spell check it!), but if typos are all that is to be pointed out, I guess we have a fair chance to get this business going!

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